Native American Art By: James Oberle

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In their eyes I see back to the beginning. To the creation of peoples on this “Turtle Island”.
In their eyes I see the truly brave qualities and fierce determination that has allowed them to endure.
In their eyes I see the struggle to comprehend the greed and destruction of their sacred lands.
In their eyes I see a truth, a truth as true as the Natural world.
In their eyes I see the harmony and connection to all living things.
In their eyes I find the inspiration for what I do. In my drawings and paintings I honor them.
In their eyes I see, Myself.
Written by James Oberle
May 26, 2003


Sitting Bull By: James Oberle

   Sitting Bull

panther couple

Panther Couple By: James Oberle



Panther Couple






The Guardian By: James Oberle


The Guardian 








From the same cloth By: James Oberle

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